About Us

With the continued success of the De-Institutionalization movement, many people are returning to their communities from institutional settings, or remaining in their communities. Often, these individuals have complex needs, including individuals with substance abuse disorder and/or mental illness in addition to the diagnosis of developmental disability. These complex and inter-dependent needs often require multiple systems of care to work together in supporting individuals to live successfully in their local communities.

The Certificate of Excellence was developed to support continued expertise in this specialty area. It is part of the Solutions Building Community Collaborative here in San Diego. The Collaborative was funded by the California State Department of Developmental Services and is co-sponsored by San Diego Regional Center and San Diego County’s Health & Human Services Agency.

The Collaborative was formed in response to committed professionals in our local community asking for information, training and collaboration with other systems in order to successfully serve the person with a dual or triple diagnosis. The Certificate of Excellence is designed to provide 43 hours of training and information for professionals who work with and for persons with a dual diagnosis in developmental disabilities and mental health disorders.

It is our sincere hope that one or all of these courses will provide you with additional information and strategies that support you as you work to make a difference in the lives of others.

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